EneresPage The Hidden King
"If you were a man, you would be the greatest tacticians of all time." "If I was a man, I would be free." "With your mind, you can easily run away." "Runaway? Where?" "Come with me." ----- The only daughter of the Emperor of Han and his Empress was named Han Lian Ai. She was pampered since young, but her amiable mother made her heart soft and pure. There was...
North Night Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
She was a peerless genius in the 24th Century – all she needed was a silver needle and she could practically bring anyone back from the dead. After an explosion, she crossed over into a strange world; everyone calls her “Miss.” The previous “Miss” before had no contractual spirit, was weak and incompetent, and even the fiancé comes over with a new love and bullies her? Now that she has...
ldoronoco The Come Up { Dropped }
Seamus dies standing, Seamus wakes up standing. Now living an alternative life with a unique system, and missing some of the comforts and stars of his old world. How will Seamus survive. __________ Inspired by what I've read, so expect some similarities with other stories
NoOneWonderr The strongest
Hello just writing a novel with op mc during free time Sorry no harem xd and no ntr Nooo 1 chapter a week ig since i is busy with school
yuukihime Gu master in the Nasuverse
A man with a for most unreachable dream is reborn in the nasuverse with a cheat and he does everything possible to achieve it with any means. Dark fic /Neutral Evil mc This contains a lot of spoilers from Reverend insanity/Daoist gu. Read on own safety English is my second language so deal with the grammar flaws please . A new chapter comes probably every three days or more depending...