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Sweet Chief Secretary

Author: Qing Cheng Xiao

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Updated: 2021-10-02 02:38:11

Latest chapter: Chapter 267 It Was Better to Call Me Young Master Mo

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《Sweet Chief Secretary》Latest chapter
Chapter 267 It Was Better to Call Me Young Master Mo
Chapter 266 Thank Big Brother for Your Help
Chapter 265: Perfectly Safe
Chapter 264: Someone Is More Horrible Than Ghosts
Chapter 263 I Want to Go Home
Chapter 262 It's Rather Difficul
Chapter 261 It's Just a Formality
Chapter 260 Full of Complaints
Chapter 259 I'm Just a Hooligan to Your Face
Chapter 258 I Can Stay Here to Accompany You
Chapter 257 Would Your Father Let You off?
Chapter 256 Don't You Dare to Make Him Like You
《Sweet Chief Secretary》' main text
Chapter 267 It Was Better to Call Me Young Master Mo
Chapter 266 Thank Big Brother for Your Help
Chapter 265: Perfectly Safe
Chapter 264: Someone Is More Horrible Than Ghosts
Chapter 263 I Want to Go Home
Chapter 262 It's Rather Difficul
Chapter 261 It's Just a Formality
Chapter 260 Full of Complaints
Chapter 259 I'm Just a Hooligan to Your Face
Chapter 258 I Can Stay Here to Accompany You
Chapter 257 Would Your Father Let You off?
Chapter 256 Don't You Dare to Make Him Like You
Chapter 255 Let You Feel Embarrassed
Chapter 254 There Comes the Rain
Chapter 253 It's Normal for Girls to Act Girly
Chapter 252 Your Father Doesn't Like Kids
Chapter 251 A Good Secretary Is Hard to Find. A Good Woman Is Harder
Chapter 250: Take All the Secretaries for Job-hopping.
Chapter 249 Please Respect the Feelings of Others
Chapter 248 Auntie, Are You in Love With My Dad?
Chapter 247 Ruining His Marriage Again
Chapter 246 I am not a man of taste
Chapter 245 You Don't Mind, Do You?
Chapter 244 She Really Got into Trouble
Chapter 243 Don't Refuse Me.
Chapter 242 Good And Evil Are Only Between One Though
Chapter 241: Speaking with Facts.
Chapter 240 Diamond Cuts Diamond
Chapter 239 Do Stop Him
Chapter 328 No Way Back
Chapter 237 You're So Pathetic
Chapter 236 Because I hate you
Chapter 235 Don't You Dare Compete for it Back
Chapter 234 Collective Apologies
Chapter 233 Get the Truth by Chance in the Village.
Chapter 232: Being Thrown into the Mountain
Chapter 231: I'm afraid I can't do this.
Chapter 230 I Have No Problem
Chapter 229 It Was Easy to Cause Misunderstanding
Chapter 228 Hand Over to the Police
Chapter 227 Weird Neighbors
Chapter 226 What the Hell?
Chapter 225 This is a Matter of Hear
Chapter 224. No Comprises.
Chapter 223 It Wasn't a Lesson, But a Threat.
Chapter 222 I Must Make You My Girlfriend.
Chapter 221 There Are Many Poachers
Chapter 220 I am the president and I have the final say
Chapter 219 Just Take Me away Directly
Chapter 218 To Die with Honor Instead to Live with Disgrace
Chapter 217: Every Accusation Needs Evidence!
Chapter 216: You Think I'm Just Impetuous?
Chapter 215 Glad He's Gone
Chapter 214: At Her Own Expense.
Chapter 213: They Are Both Men.
Chapter 212 You Should Know Yourself Well
Chapter 211 How Dare You?
Chapter 210 Call Me Husband
Chapter 209 You Don't Care!
Chapter 208: Don't You Know Her Temper?
Chapter 207: Your Boyfriend Is Really Handsome
Chapter 206 You Shall Not Be Ungrateful
Chapter 205 They are not good men
Chapter 204 The Child is Innocen
Chapter 203 Because of Alcohol
Chapter 202 Justice Inhabits People's Hearts
Chapter 201 How can you just have one relationship!
Chapter 200 Two Billion Is Worth Thinking Abou
Chapter 199 It Isn't so Simple as You Though
Chapter 198 Elusive Situation in Shen Family
Chapter 197 Come When You Are Free
Chapter 196: Even Yang Master Yan Can Not Protect You This Time
Chapter 195 You'd Better Shut up
Chapter 194 Is She Going to Be a Matchmaker?
Chapter 193 Hiding from the Reporters?
Chapter 192 Was He That Deceived Idiot?
Chapter 191 This is What He Owes Me
Chapter 190 Making More Friends
Chapter 189 It's Shocking to See a Bastard Like This
Chapter 188 Am I Falling in Love with You?
Chapter 187 So I must Thank You?
Chapter 186 Don't Come Out and Embarrass Yourself
Chapter 185 I Don't Mind Competing Fairly
Chapter 184 Talking with Strength
Chapter 183 Don't Forget What You Promised
Chapter 182 I'll Fix It Myself
Chapter 181 There Is No Distinction Between Occupations
Chapter 180 The Quarrel
Chapter 179 On Purpose
Chapter 178 Going to Shen's House
Chapter 177 Their Relationship
Chapter 176 I need to thank Young Master Yan
Chapter 175 Where's your male companion?
Chapter 174 Did he bribe you?
Chapter 173 The Despicable Mean
Chapter 172 Remember to Pay Me Back
Chapter 171 I'm Responsible for This
Chapter 170 That's My Girlfriend.
Chapter 169 He Really Was Cheeky
Chapter 168 Rumors
Chapter 167 You've Gone Too Far
Chapter 166 "Why Don't You Call the Police?"
Chapter 165 Making You Cuckolded
Chapter 164 Will You Feel at Ease?"
Chapter 163 Who are you showing it to?
Chapter 162 A Pile of Rubbish
Chapter 161 What Do You Mean, Young Master Yan?
Chapter 160 Take Revenge for the Eldest Miss
Chapter 159 Let Her Make a Sound
Chapter 158 You have been Cheating on Me for a Long Time
Chapter 157 We Have Underestimated Him
Chapter 156 I will not keep you here since you have made an appointment with a friend
Chapter 155 Bold Enough
Chapter 154 Only Old Madame Can Settle I
Chapter 153 Call Me If You Need Anything
Chapter 152 Someone Else
Chapter 151 Poor Observation
Chapter 150 The Mistress Family
Chapter 149 Just Lucky
Chapter 148 He Likes Her Being Hypocritical
Chapter 147 Finish Them Up
Chapter 146 Try My Bes
Chapter 145 You Are No Superior to Anyone
Chapter 144 In the Same Car
Chapter 143 Dirty Mind
Chapter 142 Each with Their Own Axe to Grind
Chapter 141 I Came for the Fun
Chapter 140 Women Are So Hard to Please
Chapter 139 Let's Sleep Together
Chapter 138 I Don't Want You to Take Advantage of Me
Chapter 137 I Have My Purpose
Chapter 136 Why Was She So Partial
Chapter 135 I Didn't Eavesdrop. It's My Second Brother.
Chapter 134 You Didn't Get I
Chapter 133 He Is Such a Player
Chapter 132 I'm Taking Young Master Yan for Sure
Chapter 131 Miss Xia Really Has Skills
Chapter 130 Coming to a Restaurant Was Naturally to Eat.
Chapter 129 Which Beautiful Woman?
Chapter 128 I Don't Have That Influence
Chapter 127 Snatching a Little Leisure from the Busy Life
Chapter 126 Don't Ever Talk about Money
Chapter 125 I'll give you an answer
Chapter 124 We could only be friends
Chapter 123 Getting a Powerful Man to Bail Them Ou
Chapter 122 Face-to-face Provocation
Chapter 121 Wanru's invitation
Chapter 120 - The Greatest Hero
Chapter 119 Excuse Me, This Is My Place
Chapter 118 The Unique Father
Chapter 117 Would You Let Her Be with Me?
Chapter 116 Troubles Really Come
Chapter 115 I'll look after her
Chapter 114 Something Happened.
Chapter 113 Go and Find Me a Beautiful One
Chapter 112 Why Don't You Be My Secretary?
Chapter 111 Playing Too Big
Chapter 110 How's Your Relationship
Chapter 109 Which Matter Are Thanking Me for?
Chapter 108 Did You Date?
Chapter 107 Come If You Have the Guts
Chapter 106 Lie Down
Chapter 105 Whose Fault Is It?
Chapter 104 It's Good for Them to Think It Through
Chapter 103 Both Are Irresponsible
Chapter 102 Our Relationship Is Indeed Closer Than Yours
Chapter 101 Are You Dating or Harassed?
Chapter 100 You Have an Appointment with Someone Else Tonigh
Chapter 99 I'll See Who Dares to Touch Her
Chapter 98 You Weren't Like This Before
Chapter 97 You Are Not Qualified
Chapter 96 It's Extremely Unfair
Chapter 95 Stray from The Topic
Chapter 94 Unfair to Young Master Yan
Chapter 93 No Big Deal
Chapter 92 Can You Think in a Healthier Way?
Chapter 91 Chasing the Thief
Chapter 90 He has a share too
Chapter 89 A Car Acciden
Chapter 88 Don't women always target the mistress?!
Chapter 87 The Unwritten Rule
Chapter 86 Pick any one of them
Chapter 85 Ambiguous Posture
Chapter 84 Who Is Better?
Chapter 83 You Are Here Wearing This?
Chapter 82 You‘ve already boarded my pirate ship
Chapter 81 How come I lost my mind today?
Chapter 80 Are they lovers?
Chapter 79 As You Wish
Chapter 78 You've Gone Too Far
Chapter 77 You Are Responsible
Chapter 76 Who Did it?
Chapter 75 It's Not Importan
Chapter 74 You Can Be with Anyone You Wan
Chapter 73 Don’t Run Away.
Chapter 72 A fight was about to break ou
Chapter 71 Young Master Mo Came with Fury
Chapter 70 Leave it to me
Chapter 69 Why Don't You Have Two?
Chapter68 I've already waded through your messes
Chapter 67 It's Hard to Reach an Agreement with Her
Chapter 66 Rotten Tomato
Chapter 65 Keep an eye on her
Chapter 64 You Must Help Me
Chapter 63 Do You Want to Move in as Well?
Chapter 62 I Want to Thank Him
Chapter 61 Give me the hush money
Chapter 60 We Made an Appointmen
Chapter 59 Do You Want Me to Write a Thank-you Letter?
Chapter 58 The Company Survival Rules
Chapter 57 You Framed Me
Chapter 56 You Should Give Me the Receip
Chapter 55 It is eating on my reputation
Chapter 54 I Just Didn’t Explain
Chapter 53 Beauty and Wisdom Coexis
Chapter 52 There Will be Someone Better for You
Chapter 51 Can’t You Pace Yourself?
Chapter 50 Is My Sister Young Master Mo's Mistress?
Chapter 49 What the hell is in your mind?
Chapter 48 What’s Wrong with the Push?
Chapter 47 Abnormal Means Evil
Chapter 46 We Have the Chemistry
Chapter 45 You're haggling with me?
Chapter 44 Are You That Kind Of Person?
Chapter 43 You Have Guts
Chapter 42 What's Wrong With The Face
Chapter 41 It's Not a Good Time
Chapter 40 The Most Inconceivable Misunderstanding
Chapter 39 I Don't Understand What You're Talking abou
Chapter 38 May be He is Not Charming Enough
Chapter 37 I Regarded Her as My Master
Chapter 36 Let's Forget I
Chapter 35 Been Disliked By the Eldest Brother
Chapter 34 All Business People are Profiteers
Chapter 33 Never Seeing a Woman Being Scolded?
Chapter 32 I Did it on Purpose
Chapter 31 It’s none of your business
Chapter 30-You're different from others
Chapter 29-All things come together
Chapter 28-Enjoy The Pleasure of Fulfilling His Reques
Chapter 27-This Is Nothing
Chapter 26-He Was Alone Eventually
Chapter 25-Go Home With Me
Chapter 24-Do Not Harm Me
Chapter 23-Zeng Family Makes Money by Showing Her Face
Chapter 22-The Ending Is So Boring
Chapter 21-Being Forced
Chapter 20-You Make the Price
Chapter 19-Meeting with Future Sister-in-law
Chapter 18-She’s the Kind of Woman I Can Tolerate
Chapter 17-Misfortunes Never Came Single
Chapter 16-There’s Only One President in Shen’s
Chapter 15-He Will Definitely Come
Chapter 14-Being Teased
Chapter 13 Unusual Relationship
Chapter 12-Say It Directly If You Want To Get Assurance
Chapter 11- It Was Good To Achieve the Goals
Chapter 10-Stop Talking About This Elsewhere
Chapter 9-Meet Young Pervert Again
Chapter 8-She Was So Disgraced
Chapter 7-This Is The Truth
Chapter 6-Take Office
Charpter 5- I Don't Mind If You Buy A New One For Me
Chapter 4-A Good Man Doesn't Eat Food Handed Out In Contemp
Chapter 3-Another Chance
Chapter 2-Why Have You Been Fired?
Chapter 1-Call The Police Or Settle Out Of Court, You Choose